Tuesday, August 30, 2011


First, thanks to everyone who read "Lies, Damned Lies, and We Are Ohio" over the last few days.  Being something of a numbers freak seeing a post with more than 3 times the views of any previous entry made me quite happy.  It's that post and the response from it that leads me to write this post.

This blog is changing in substance, and I wanted to let you all know why and what to expect from this site in the future.

The evening after writing last Thursday's blog, I received a message.  To summarize what happened, I was asked to contribute to Third Base Politics and I happily accepted.  If you haven't been a 3BP reader in the past 1.) You've been missing out on great Ohio conservative insight for a while and 2.) I hope you'll start reading it.  It has a well-deserved excellent reputation, and hopefully my posts won't drag that quality down.

The last few days I've debated what to do with this personal blog.  I could cross-post everything I write at 3BP and leave this the same, I could delete this all together, or do something in between.  In a rare moment of moderate thinking, I chose the third option.  If you want to read my political thoughts, go to 3BP for them.  While there may be a rare post I feel a particular desire to cross-post here, my political writing is confined to 3BP.  This blog will be my personal forum for thoughts on my life, pop culture, any other random topic I choose to write on, and of course esoteric "Dallas" references only Pamela Bel Geddes could fully appreciate.

It's been a lot of fun starting off my blogging life these last few weeks, so thanks to all who've been reading.  Hopefully 1 or 2 of you will keep reading this in spite of the lack of politics.


  1. Alex's Ex-GirlfriendAugust 30, 2011 at 8:24 PM

    Alex, you ignorant slut. Suggesting anyone would be interested in your thoughts on life is laughable at best, and your face at worst. True story: You're the worst. Another true story: Researchers at Harvard conducted a study over the past week as to whether "Hell" in its widely discussed form exists. As part of the study, they attempted to read your blog. Unfortunately, they all fell into unshakeable comas. Witnesses present said that right before they dropped to the floor, they were heard muttering "the stupidity".

    Of course, this wouldn't matter to a deplorable human being like you, Mister Coelho. No, your view on the institution of higher education is similar to the view of the hot girl at the end of the bar who you constantly make a pass at. She puts up with it for a couple minutes, too kind to absolutely shut you down, but the look of anguish and horror on her face is unmistakeable. In between finding better memories in her life, like the time she broke her leg horribly during cheerleading practice, she starts to wonder "what's the point?"

    As you can see Alex, that analogy ran out of steam halfway through, but I did it for a reason. Everything you say or post that stems from your thoughts is like a hot air balloon running on ice. Does it make any sense? Point proved.

    So Alex, you continue to write your blogposts on your pathetic life and your pathetic ideas and your pathetic pop culture references. As your only reader, I will continue to observe your hopeless dream of saying anything that would gain a girl's attention. Yeah Alex, if your blog was a football team, it would be the Los Angeles Clippers. Doesn't make sense? Point proved once again.

  2. I know I should be offended, but I'm too happy in the knowledge I'll still have one reader to be upset. I will take offense to the opening of "Alex you ignorant slut". I am NOT ignorant!