Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walking Up To The Last... 10 Greatest Masters #3-1

7 down already, just 3 more to go.  Masters history is replete with legends of the game at their all-time best on Augusta's stage, but 4 names stand out to modern golf fans above others for their exploits: 6-time champion Jack Nicklaus, 4-time champions Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods, and 3-time champion Phil Mickelson.

So perhaps it is fitting that each man's finest hour on the Masters stage comprise the whole of the top four of this list.  Palmer's win in 1960 has already been profiled at #4, and the others can all be found in this final posting of the list.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Part 2 of my countdown of the 10 Greatest Masters will look at the fourth, fifth, and sixth best tournaments of all-time.  For those who didn't see numbers 7 through 10 yesterday, you can read about those here.  They include Mark O'Meara's major breakthrough, Gary Player's magnificent back nine charge at age 42, Gene Sarazen's legendary double eagle at the 15th, and the final epic duel between Sam Snead and Ben Hogan.

The 4 tournaments from yesterday chronicle the exploits of great players summoning up their best on golf's greatest stage.  But kicking off today's listing is the other side of the coin that makes The Masters such a compelling spectacle: the heartbreak of falling short on golf's biggest stage.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Tradition Unlike Any Other.... The 10 Greatest Masters (#10-7)

The greatest week of the golfing week is upon us.  It's Masters Week once again: the course is immaculate, the azaleas are blooming, and the game's greats are assembling to take on the annual challenge of conquering Augusta National.

No other tournament provides the consistent level of drama and excitement that The Masters has over the years.  With that in mind, I've written this 3-part blog post chronicaling what I find to be the 10 greatest Masters tournaments of all-time.  For today, I'll be revealing numbers 10 through 7: 6-4 will be published tomorrow afternoon and 3-1 on Wednesday.  But before I begin my countdown, here are a few honorable mentions that just missed making this list: