Friday, November 29, 2013

A Little Perspective: The Road Goes on Forever and the Parties Never End

A party in disarray on the national stage, just under a year removed from its 5th popular vote defeat in the past 6 Presidential elections.  Their most recent nominee, a Massachusetts Governor, had looked promising for a while before polling numbers faded late.

In the wake of defeat and facing serious questions about whether they could ever again rebuild a winning national coalition, factions within the party wrestled for control and for a leg up on who the next nominee would be.  Three years out, Presidential front-runner speculation swirled around several members of Congress (including the past year's VP nominee) and a high profile Governor aided by governing within the shadow of the NYC media market.

Now you may have read that intro and assumed I'm referencing where the GOP stands today, and in fairness there is no part of that description that would be inaccurate.  But I am not describing about the Republican Party of 2013, I'm describing the Democratic Party of 1989.