Monday, March 13, 2017

6 Double-Digit Seeds Who Will (Probably) Pull Off Upsets

March Madness 2017 is officially upon us, and the quest to achieve the 1-in-9.2 quintillion dream of a perfect bracket is renewed in millions of office pools and online tournament challenges.  One of the critical components to every bracket filled out is the decision on which upsets to pick.

The Cinderella double-digit seed victory is by now an American sporting tradition.  Since the NCAA first expanded the field to 64 teams in 1985, a total of 285 wins have been notched by teams seeded 10 or above (excluding the first round/play-in games in Dayton where a 10+ seed winning is automatic).  This averages out to just about 9 wins per tournament from that year's group of potential spoilers.  Including in the wins these teams will have in the round of 32 or beyond, it means a typical tournament will have about a half-dozen double-digit wins in the round of 64.

Figuring out where these wins will come from will always be an inexact science in the field of bracketology, but a careful look at each team's resume, key data, and a mix of tournament history with some axiomatic basketball truth points me to this group of six teams I expect to pull off the bracket-busting upsets you'll wish you had picked too.